Kredoil ATF TQ uni-advance formula oil features advanced the multi-functional additives in fully mineral base oil designed to provide highly responsive protection that continuously adapts to your driving conditions. Use of selected low viscosity mineral base oils further energize the oil’s a protective capability that promotes fueleconomy performance with no compromise indurability


  • Energy saving: fuel economy performance
  • Improved low temperature flow
  • Guard automotive gear assemblies against rust and corrosion.

Pump Set

KREDOIL Standard Pump set oils are blended from highly anti-wear and anti-foam additives to meet the lubrication requirement of agriculture pump sets. Recommended for all types of Pump-sets. The Product is also suitable for other Agricultural and Farm Equipment like Tractors, Power Tillers. Harvesters etc.


  • Energy savings – fuel economy performance 1.
  • Keep Pump Set condition as newer till long time
  • Excellent Extreme high-low temperature protection
  • Increase Pump Set Life.
  • Keep Pump Set Clean and Longer Drain Interval
  • Special Formula Stay in Grade Longer.


Meets: SAE 40