EP 90

EP 90

KREDOIL Gear oils are automotive extreme pressure gear oils blended from specially selected high viscosity index base stocks and contain additives which impart extreme pressure, anti- rust, anti-corrosion and anti oxidation characteristics. These are multi- purpose type gear lubricants specifically formulated to meet the rigorous service demand of commercial fleet mechanical transmissions, axles and gear boxes.KREDOIL Gear oils are primarily recommended for the lubrication of hypoid differential units operating under severe conditions and other types of mechanical transmissions and drive axles where extreme pressure gear oils are required.


  • Have exceptional chemical and thermal stability permitting use upto buik oil temperature of 150 C
  • Have excellent extreme pressure property to give maximum protection against low speed-high torque wear and high speed -shock induced scoring.
  • Guard automotive gear assemblies against rust and corrosion.


  • API Service GL5